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Insurance Reimbursement For Foundation Repair

When the ground your home sits on moves, so can your foundation – sometimes leading to costly repairs. Because all kinds of factors can cause damage to your home’s foundation, it’s important to understand the different types of problems that may occur. You also need to know under what circumstances your home insurance policy will […]

Things To Consider When Determining How Much Life Insurance You Need

No one knows your financial situation better than you. So, you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you how much life insurance your family needs, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the different options available either. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to determine how much life insurance you need if you have questions. Learn how […]

Comparing FR-44 And SR-22 Insurance Plans

In most states, drivers who have been convicted of a DUI or driving without a valid license or insurance may be required to submit proof of insurance to their state in order to prove that they are maintaining safe and responsible habits on the road. This is accomplished through SR-22 forms, and the special policies […]

Three Things That Might Be Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Without You Even Knowing It

Many people assume that homeowner’s insurance only covers damages that happen directly to their home, but that is not the case. There are some homeowner’s insurance policies that cover so much more than just the home. Use the guide below to learn a few things that your policy may cover without you even realizing it. […]

When Your Homeowners’ Insurer Is Likely To Cover Pest Related Damage

In general, standard homeowners’ insurance doesn’t pay for pest damage. Insurers consider pest damage a maintenance issue, and insurance is meant to pay for accidental damages and not those caused by a homeowner’s lack of maintenance. But there may be some exceptions. Here are some things to know. Pest Damage Occasioned By a Covered Loss […]